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We are bilingual automotive professionals having been around over a decade helping people who
would like to export their car from Japan or import their car from foreign countries.


If you have just moved to Japan and are thinking about bringing your car to Japan,
We will be pleased to assist you with importing your car and arranging for all paperwork.
Vehicle Examination so your car is road-legal. Please let us know which country you come from and what kind of car you would like to bring in.


We are also professionals in exporting and are able to arrange all paperwork, port inspections and booking the shipment.
¦It may not be possible to bring your car back to your home country depending on what rules and regulations they have.

We will arrange all things below except #1. Please check the process below before shipping.

  1. Please get a Certificate of Signature from Embassy (needed for the car de-registered)
  2. We will remove the number plate on your car and do all paperwork to de-register at the Automobile Department (Rikuun-Kyoku)
  3. We will ship the car to the nearest port to be inspected and for shipping.

If you are interested in bringing back your car to your country,
Contact us at 03-5573-8777 or or stop by our showroom. Directions

Inquiry via phone 03-5573-8776
Inquiry via e-mail

Auto Direct is a “ONE STOP SHOP” for all of your automotive requirements, providing all service in English.

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