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Insuring your investment, yourself and your family from liability is essential in Japan . Unlike other countries, in the event of an accident, a percentage of the liability in Japan falls on both parties regardless of which party was actually at fault.

English Insurance / Breakdown Service

Auto Direct offers tailor made insurance coverage in English along with a 24 hour English Assisted Telephone Service in the event of an accident. An English roadside emergency breakdown service is also included in the insurance premiums.

Compulsory Automobile Liability Insurance (Jibaiseki hoken)

It is required to have Compulsory Automobile Liability Insurance to drive a car on public roads. Itfs called gJibaiseki Hokenh.This insurance is also called indemnity insurance. It will only pay to help the victim in the case of an accident and it only covers minimum liability.

Comprehensive Automobile Insurance (Jidosha hoken)

Since Compulsory Automobile Liability Insurance only covers minimum liability, it is strongly recommended to have Comprehensive Automobile Insurance, called gJidosha hokenh, in case of an accident. When you are faced with a severe accident, having Comprehensive Automobile Insurance is necessary to protect you and the opponent of the accident.

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