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Maintenance & Repairs

Highest level of full service

We here at Auto Direct aim to provide our customers with the highest level of full automotive service in English. Auto Direct is a 'one stop shop' for all of your automotive needs.

Inspection / Tune-up

To maintain a car in good working order it is necessary to have it regularly serviced. All vehicles should have annual inspections and tune-ups between inspections (every other year) to make sure everything on your car is in proper condition. Auto Direct does this for you so just drop off your vehicle at our showroom and we will take care of the rest. Or we can pick up your car and drop off the car to your home.


If there is any warning light turned on or blinking on the gauge, any unusual noise or smell from your vehicle, or anything you are uncomfortable with it, your car should be diagnosed to see what is the cause of problem before it gets worse.

It would cost less if you take care the problem right away before it really breaks down and affects to something else. We can help you to solve any problems with our numerous automotive connections.

You can just drop off your vehicle at our showroom and we will take care of your car with professional mechanics. If you need, additionally, we can pick up and drop off the car to your home.

Body Work / Paint

From minor scratches to major collisions, Auto Direct takes care of all kinds of body repairs with our experience and connections.

Because it would be unsafe to drive and would affect value of your vehicle if accident damage is not repaired properly, we always work with our trusted top notch body shops.

Also, a lot of accident repair companies will file a separate insurance claim. We are a licensed insurance agent and can handle the insurance claim process for you as well. Since this process might take a while and you would need to negotiate insurance company to reduce amount to pay out of pocket, we take all the work from you to accelerate the processing speed and save you time and money.

Auto Detailing (Interior & Exterior cleaning)

Auto detailing makes your vehicle beautiful and attractive. Our customers choose our auto detailing service for a variety of reasons; to clean up and refresh interiors, to obtain the best possible mirror finish, to protect delicate paintwork, or to achieve the highest resale value.

Auto Accessory Installation

English car navigations, ETC (Electronic Toll Collection), Back camera and other accessories can be installed upon request.

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Auto Direct is a “ONE STOP SHOP” for all of your automotive requirements, providing all service in English.

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